How to Have Success Catering Large Events

These five tips will help you score big with large-scale events. BY JOSH TAVESBARISTA MAGAZINE Photos by Alex and Lydia Bolen Where do I start … my head is still spinning a bit. Here’s the deal: I work for a small roaster/retailer with about a dozen employees total, one café, and one roastery. We run … Read more

Laneway Coffee And Kitchen In Cumberland, BC

Out in the Pacific Northwest you hear a whisper from time to time: “There’s some really cool stuff going on up on Vancouver Island.” The city of Victoria, BC has long been a hub for great food and beverage culture, and outstanding coffee, but we’re talking about a bit further afield, in places like the … Read more

Urban Sailor Coffee In Salt Lake City, UT

Perpetually overlooked and underhyped, Salt Lake City continues to be home to one of America’s most interesting food, beverage, and coffee scenes, defying expectations and supply ample cause for deeper investigation. If you’ve never been, or only passed through on your way to the mountains, SLC is ready and waiting for you to explore. We’re … Read more

The Beautiful Design World Of Remote Nature Cafes

Traveling around and soaking in nature is one of human’s easiest sources of mental health rejuvenation. Plants don’t solve everything. But goshdarnit, they have such a wide array of benefits, they’re practically miracles in themselves. These benefits cover everything from reduced anxiety and stress to better sleep to reduced community crime. A pairing of plants … Read more

Shift Drink Pop-Up Events by Counter Culture Unite Community for a Cause

Shift Drink sticker, Jesse Gordon and Jonathan Parker from the Durham support team in the background. In the pandemic’s wake, Counter Culture repurposes training centers to serve the community through monthly Shift Drink events. BY SARAH ALLENBARISTA MAGAZINE Through the misery and loneliness of the global pandemic, some really great things emerged from that time—gatherings … Read more

10 Reasons I Love Cold Brew Coffee

The first time I had cold brew coffee, I didn’t like it at all. I used a Toddy with coffee that was ground too fine and I didn’t know I was making a concentrate, so the coffee was much too strong. It would be years before I would try cold brew coffee again. I’m so … Read more

What Are Coffee Pods

Home Grounds is all about fresh, great-tasting, and ethically sourced coffee here. But admittedly, our coffee ritual can take a bit of time. And while coffee pods are convenient, they have some drawbacks and get a bad rap for tasting bland at best. Is this always the case, though? Read on to find out why … Read more

Women Producers and Roasters to Come Together in Costa Rica for Unique Conference

The Womxn-POWERed Coffee Summit looks to create lasting bonds between women producers, roasters, and coffee professionals. BY SARAH ALLENBARISTA MAGAZINE Photos courtesy of Bean Voyage While on a trip in 2014 to co-organize a project for smallholder women in southern Costa Rica, Sunghee Tark and Abhinav Khanal were struck by the gender-based discrimination and challenges … Read more