The Sprudge Guide To Coffee In Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, the capital of the country of Georgia, is the crossroads of the East and West in all aspects including culture, architecture, food, and coffee. Old Georgian for “warm place,” the city dates back to the Bronze Age when it was built upon sulfur springs that continue to be used in bathhouses today. Tbilisi has … Read more

The Zassenhaus Manual Coffee Grinder

Would You Drink A Beer that Was Opened a Week Ago? Imagine walking into a supermarket on a hot summer day and picking up two six-packs of beer (or cola for you caffeine addicts) to last you the next week (or so). Now, when you get to the checkout counter you have a great idea. … Read more

5 Tips on coffee bean selection

There are many factors to consider when selecting the types of coffee beans you want to brew. Thousands of different coffees are on the market, and no two are exactly alike. So it can be difficult to select just the right one to suit your taste. These tips will help you narrow down the coffee … Read more

Stable vs Unstable Meringue Macaron Recipe

This blog post is a compilation of content from a 4-part series that I posted on Instagram (my IG is @phay_shing) about stable vs unstable meringue macaron recipes. I compiled the reels into a single video available on YouTube for ease of reference for those of you who don’t have Instagram. Color-coded bullet points within … Read more

The Most Delicious Coconut Caramel Cake

Made with coconut cake layers dulce de leche toasted coconut and coconut caramel buttercream my new Coconut Caramel Cake is a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth light and fluffy cake. These two flavors are the perfect pair. Coconut Caramel Cake Inspired by alfajores, a traditional Latin American shortbread dulce de leche sandwich cookie, I have no doubt this … Read more

Tips for Traveling Amtrak’s Southwest Chief

Spoiler alert: our family loves trains. I come by it honestly from my dad and brothers, and I’ve passed on the love to our boys. We’ll always look for trains. We’re eager to get stuck at train crossings. We’ve been known to ride scenic routes like the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway or have breakfast on … Read more

The Craft Revolution Helped Develop the Market for Specialty CoffeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The craft revolution is everywhere: Craft beers, specialty coffee, handmade soaps and artisanal ice cream. While some may think this is foolish snobbery, others revel in the esthetics of craft experiences. The craft revolution is often seen as a reaction against excessive industrialization or as a way to keep traditions and culture alive in the … Read more

Gluten Free Apple Cider Donuts (Easy)

First Published: Aug 10, 2022 Modified: Aug 7, 2022 by Sandra · This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you. These baked gluten free apple cider donuts have the flavor of deep fried donuts without the hassle. Plus, if we didn’t tell … Read more